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Avida Land : Avida Towers Intima For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio Unit ₱ 4,800,000 - 5,500,000 22.40 sqm - 23.43 sqm
1 Bedroom ₱ 7,400,000 - 7,500,000 41.51 sqm
2 Bedroom ₱ 10,000,000 - 11,300,000 63.48 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Spot Cash (5-5-5)
Reservation: Php 20,000/-
Discount: 5% SPOT DP; 5% Stretched DP in 5 months
Balance: 90% thru Bank Financing / Lumpsum
Spot 10%
Reservation: Php 20,000/-
Downpayment: 10% SPOT DP; 10% Stretched DP in 48 months
Balance: 80% thru Bank Financing / Lumpsum
Spot 5%
Reservation: Php 20,000/-
Downpayment: 5% SPOT DP; 15% Stretched DP in 48 months
Balance: 80% thru Bank Financing / Lumpsum
20% in 48 months
Reservation: Php 20,000/-
Downpayment: 20% payable in 48 months
Balance: 80% thru Bank Financing / Lumpsum


Why Buy Avida Towers Intima

Avida Towers Intima is one of the proudest projects that Avida Land has unveiled yet. According to the developer, they have meticulously planned this development to ensure that they can offer the five pillars that define quality real estate development. These five pillars assure that residents can maximize their investment and ensure that the value of that investment grows over time.

There are also plenty of units to choose from (over 700) and three types of units available. Hence, you have flexibility in choosing the right unit that meets your spatial needs and your budget – no need to compromise on either of the two! Above all, the building was designed with natural lighting and ventilation, practical amenities, and the modern leisure facilities that every condominium resident would expect from a similar development. Avida Towers Intima checks all of those criteria.

The bonus of all is the proximity from the work place, and other institutions from the residential tower. The central location means everything you could ever need is within an arm’s reach away! And yet, you are also at the heart of a historical corner in Manila. The residential condominium is paving the way for the change of landscape in Paco, Manila by giving it a modern upgrade.

Finally, the reputation and standard of quality that Avida Land has to offer is the most important reason to invest here. As one of the top real estate development firms in the country, you can guarantee that they will not fall short on their promise of delivering exclusive living with all of the modern conveniences through this project.

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